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Scientifical view on treasure finding

This paper offers an scientifical view on treasure finding. It describes the status quo of the regulations in law and their implications to the individuals.

After discribing the status quo, some possible ideas for getting out the economical optimum of the regulation level are given (german language).

This paper was written for the seminar “Ökonomische Theorie des Rechts und des Staates” an interdisciplinaric seminar of the  “Institut für Öffentliche Finanzen” (chair of Prof. Dr. Charles B. Blankart) and “Lehrstuhl für deutsches, europäisches und internationales Zivil- und Wirtschaftsrecht und Institutionenökonomik” (chair of Prof. Dr. jur. Dr. rer. pol. Christian Kirchner, LL.M.)

See source:

Schatzfunde und ihr rechtlich-ökonomischer Kontext

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